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  • Carrie

    Dear June – Over 10 years ago, you gave me your Breakthrough poem at Esalen, when we both took Laura Day’s seminar. Breakthrough is posted on MY website under inspiration. I now work with drug addicts in Los Angeles, and every time I read it out loud, I still cry……Breakthrough is one of the greatest poems ever. I simply emailed your name out of curiosity and found this site.
    Carrie Freeman

  • Wow. Oh Hi Carrie! Of course I remember you! How wonderful that you reached out to reconnect. I am touched that you ‘get’ the messages in Breakthrough and share it so lovingly. Kudo’s for the work you’re doing… it takes a village and nice to see you continue to make a difference to the world. I remember the hypnosis stuff you were doing back then and how powerful it was. Many blessings back at ya and more power to you in helping others have the most amazing lives ever! xxxxxx jbug

  • Linda Brown

    Aloha Junie!!! I love your website!!! Keep inspiring others….. you are doing a GREAT job!!

    me ke aloha pumehana, Linda Brown

  • Hey June,
    This is an old friend and your 1st web guy!
    looks like you are doing great!!! Still in NY?

    Keep in touch!