Private Sessions

Individual sessions with June are designed to be thought provoking and offer an awareness that can help you see yourself and what next steps to take to have a life that rocks on every level.  These conversations can take place in person, on Skype or Zoom or simply by phone.

Generally sessions are for one hour and the cost is $250 per hour.  Contact June at

“June was like a submarine captain who yells, “Dive. Dive!” One second you’re gliding along the surface, the next you’re hitting depths you didn’t know existed. Thank you, June! I’m a better, deeper writer because of you.”

John Peaslee TV Writer/Producer Hollywood, California

“The coaching I’ve received from June has made a huge impact on the outcome of my life. June has an amazing ability to see clearly and intuitively into the nature of complex situations and has assisted me in making difficult decisions personally and professionally.”

Debbie Stier/ Sr. VP/Associate Publisher – Harper Studio, Harper Collins Publishing

“June was instrumental in helping me to deconstruct the box that I had put myself in after a 20-year successful career on Wall St. She helped me to look at the opportunities/possibilities that are there for me in a different light (and I do mean light!!) as well as from a totally new and positive perspective. I was stuck in a rut and now I’m soaring and exploring!”

Joe Finnegan / New York City